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The village of Solasi in the Troodos Mountains & valleys is a village sustained entirely through agritourism.Vedi farm is a magnificent destination for agritourism trips with high levels of activity nearby only 75 km from Pune.
Vedi farm solasi agri tourism is not a new concept.Agritourism is the only perfect way to  discover the beautiful & religious rural life of India,often allowing visitors to work and live traditional rural lifestyales, far from tourist crowds.This is the only way to see your surroundings in perfect peace.Agritourism involves visiting a rural  farm. Agritourism holidays are the undisputed  kings of rural cultural holidays,letting you learn anything about farming diff crops,grapes,vegetables along with beautiful nature with peace.
Agritourism is an extension of sustsinable tourism, and as result,reducing your environmental impact while enjoying agritourism is key.There are many ways to resuce enviromental impact while increasing your knowledge anf appreciation for your holiday destination as well as saving your holiday budget.Travelling by bullock cart,buying only local produce and using bicycles rather than a hire car upon your arrival both allows you to really immerse yourself in local cultures and lifestyles and kepping your enviromatal conscience clear.Farm holidays in the in the Vedi farm offer a offer of traditional Maharastra .Hill top farm holiday cottages,tents adron the mountains ,valleys ,natural water lake and for those looking to experience Maharashtra life a farm cotage & tent here cannot be beaten Along with all aboveVedi fram  serves best quality maharashrian veg & non veg home made with rural touch food,saacks which enchance your enjoyment.Vedi farm offer different packages for day tour,night stay,birthday parrtties,get to getters,family picnic,business meetings & trainigs etc.
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  One day packages includes brak fast, Lunch & Tea Snacks farm Tour & site seeing Rs.450/- Per person  
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  A huge ‘thank you’ for a truly memorable and well run trip at your farms with great activies like bullocart ride , and Hurda party. By :Ajay-Atul
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